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Access to safe drinking water is one of the biggest problems we face today. Deteriorating quality and rising cost of drinking water are big challenge faced by the ever-growing population on the planet.

Leading industry experts have ascertained OCEO as the next big disruption in the Global Water Purification Industry & Packaged Drinking Water Market.

OCEO is built with a vision to provide intelligent, sustainable and affordable water purification solution to every human life.

Let's build a better world, drop by drop.

"Water Revolution, begins now with OCEO".


We are part of two most promising & exciting Industries of future - Water & Internet of things. Our small team is growing fast and working continuously to build technology for every water drop on planet earth.
"Our dreams are higher than the sky, stronger than the mountain and deeper than the ocean".

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Are you the next breakthrough in the water sector?

OCEO Life is a solutions-to-market open competition focused on water innovation. We invite young researchers, innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs to build new relationships, accelerate knowledge sharing, build transferable leadership skills, and co-develop potential solutions for global water challenges.

We welcome all approaches to water innovation, from engineering and product design to policy and data analytics. Have a idea, project, individual or even company in mind? Write to us on india@oceowater.online

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