"Water Revolution, begins now with OCEO".

"A Home is incomplete without an OCEO - Smart Water Purifier."

At OCEO, we are building a first of its kind smart water purifier that gives you healthy water right in your home without having to purchase the device or pay for a maintenance fee. Now you only pay for the water purified from the machine.

We are on the path to connect Vision and reality by creating a truly intelligent device. One that anticipates your requirements even before you form those thoughts in your

OCEO is built with a vision to provide intelligent, sustainable and affordable water purification solution to every human life.

mind, and save you time and resources in ways that have never occurred to you before - all while operating seamlessly in the background without intrusion or disruption to your daily activities.

With this, we are optimistic that you will welcome OCEO as the new member in your family. Welcome OCEO. Welcome Happiness.

Let's explore why OCEO - Smart Water Purifier makes a whole lot of sense for a household.


Maintaining the safety and purity of drinking water remains a priority for us. OCEO smart water purification ensures that all contaminants are removed and water quality is enriched with essential minerals to boost health and well-being of your family.

Intelligent Sensors

OCEO Intelligent Sensors are designed to gather meaningful and actionable data on every water drop for its quality, level and flow on a real time basis. The collected information goes a long way to ensures effective maintenance of the device.

Seamless communication

Every OCEO device is connected to LIVE servers on a real time basis. The seamless connectivity feature allows for engaged interaction between devices and users. The dataflow helps us monitor devices both on Micro (Individual Households) and Macro Level (Town/City).

Convenience and sustainability

OCEO device connectivity facilitates automatic re-ordering and delivery of fresh cartridges whenever required based on individual usage. It covers a sustainability element by replacing the need for repeat purchase of bottled water.

Let's build a better world, drop by drop.


We are part of two most promising & exciting Industries of future - Water & Internet of things. Our small team is growing fast and working continuously to build technology for every water drop on planet earth.
"Our dreams are higher than the sky, stronger than the mountain and deeper than the ocean".

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