Sustainability Commitment

OCEO is dedicated to providing safe drinking water you can trust as our commitment to build sustainable world. We are committed to environment and have taken certain initiatives as the first step to build a sustainable world.
Reuse & Recycle Program
Water Reuse Program

"Every drop counts and little measures can make a world of difference".

See the 4 ways to use Waste Water Generated by Water Purifiers:

Wash Vehicles

Do the Dishes

Mop Floors

Toilet Flush

"Now that you got the message, let's work together and protect the Environment".
Filter Recycle Program

When you swap bottled water for water filters you are reducing your footprint on the environment and also saving money, but did you know you can also recycle water filters?

Filter Recycle program is determined to see that as little material possible ends up in landfills and intended to reduce carbon footprint.

We recycle pitchers, dispensers, bottles, faucet systems, filters, and filter packaging and material.

Sign up today for OCEO Recycle program and box up your used filters. We accept water filters of any make (company) and make recycling convenient, easy and sustainable.
Note: We do not accept medical filters or filters used in oil, chemical or hazardous industries.

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FAQ - Water Filter Recycle Program
Besides the filtering ingredient itself (carbon, plastic, etc.), most water filters are held together with some sort of plastic or metal casing. Different companies use different products; certain filters are made with polypropylene (also known as PP), while few others contain a fair amount of aluminum. The method for recycling each depends on its composition.
Some open forums advise dumping the charcoal or other filtering medium in the garden or on a gravel path. This is not a safe practice. Opening the water filter will allow all the contaminants trapped in the filter material back into the environment. In addition, some filters contain items that should not go in your garden, such as the aluminum or silver.
Water filters cannot be recycled as part of your recycling collection scheme nor at neighborhood waste recycling centers.
We recommend that before you place your filters for recycling in a recycling bin you let them dry out for a couple days, box and ship them in the appropriate container.
We perform 100% recycling of all identifiable recyclables.


Plastics recycled for reuse in consumer goods.


Fibrous materials recycled for use in consumer products.


Rubber O-rings recycled for post consumer goods


Metal screws, retaining rings and miscellaneous metal parts recycled for use in post consumer or industrial goods.

Carbon converted to energy to reduce the demand on
other energy sources -such as oil, gas and electricity.


OCEO Water Purifier is the best way to tackle plastic pollution in our oceans, in particular the waste of disposable, plastic water bottles. We are working with industry players and shall shortly announce Recycle Program for water bottles. Till then, refill your bottle with fresh, filtered water from OCEO. the most cost-effective, energy and water efficient processes for water purification